ENG. Rafik Elzaharna

General Manager and Managing Director.

EL-Zaharna Group for sheet metal forming and manufacturing exhaust systems is “one of the companies “and major in manufacturing exhaust systems in Arab Republic of Egypt.
• Work started in this field in 1987 in Cairo
• At the beginning of 2002, it was built a new factory with the most recent systems in sixth of October city on a piece of land , its area is 15 thousand square meters (on three floor ) and with issued capital (7) million US DOLLARS . And total capacity 6000 exhausts – per month
• At 2006 the second factory of EL ZAHARNA group started producing
Exhaust systems with capacity 2000 exhausts per month.
• At the end of 2008 the third factory of EL ZAHARAN strong group was completed Built of another piece of land its area is (10) thousands square meters (on five floors) with issued (5) million us dollars.

EL ZAHRNA group plan to produce (10) thousands of exhaust systems per month (120) thousands per year
• The group companies was provided by the most recent equipment's and techniques from the greatest international companies specialized for manufacturing the necessary production lines for dealing with production lines that most of them act with CNC systems
• Also, the Grope imports most of its necessities and raw materials abroad from the greatest international companies as it is clarified on next pages
• It was built the full regulative and administrative framework. it was appointed technical , financial and administrative management at the highest level from owners of international experience in this field , that their experience is not less than (10) years in the field of manufacturing exhaust systems • The company deals with greatest companies of manufacturing automobiles in Egypt . it presents to it and to after sale services all models of exhaust devices for most automobiles proceeding in Egypt , also it assembles impulses the act for redacting pollution ration and preserves environment .The following pages review briefly the available capabilities for this Group.